Why Is Hublot Hated? Love or Hate it

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Why Is Hublot Hated?

Today, our top Topic is why is Hublot Hated. Watch collectors tend to pick their favorite watches based on their preferences. They have their choices regarding design and movements, and also what they think is worth the price. However, Hublot watches are unpopular among the people who use them.

Collectors of watches hate Hublot because they see their watches as being too expensive, constructed from standard parts, with an unoriginal and unoriginal design. People who collect Hublot also don’t like the brand because it doesn’t abide by its fundamental values of quality, tradition, and reputation.

This article will explore the factors that affect watch enthusiasts’ displeasure with Hublot.

Why are Hublot watches hated?

A variety of factors contribute to Hublot’s displeasure. Hublot’s negative image is primarily due to its design, the quality of the product and price of the currency, and its image. Let’s review every one of them.


Hublot is often accused of being too traditional in its design. Hublot launched the first rubber strap however, the development for the Classic Fusion heavily influenced by Audemars Piguet.

The brand did not realize its USP with the rubber straps, and the mixing of the materials above and below – using both gold and rubber on the same wristwatch – the creativity of the designs ruined the brand.

The face of the watch is designed to resemble an open porthole on a vessel. It’s akin to Audemars Piguet’s Royal oak Jumbo Ref5042ST and the Nautilus Ref3700 by Patek Philippe. The brand hasn’t been able to get rid of this non-original name since then, mainly because the other models it has released have been borrowing from AP.

The modern Hublot designs are often criticized as novelty pieces that aren’t up to the mark. In their many partnerships, they’ve got several exclusive watches.

The brand offers these limited editions as a symbol of its ethos, the science and art of Fusion. The watch industry is not convinced. They indicate the brand’s intention to draw attention instead of establishing its name by creating elegant watches.


Hublot’s components are frequently criticized as generic and not luxury brand familiar. Hublot has its movements, just as any watchmaker ought to. However, they’re not original and are not included in every watch they make.

Hublot’s Unico movement was a success however, many watches they produced utilize altered Selita movements. This is not a good practice for a premium watchmaker.

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Reasons Why Is Hublot Hated?

This YouTube video by watch enthusiasts Theo Harris explains more about Hublot watches’ top-quality movements.

Hublot refines specific components, including gold and ceramic however, it does not take care of the mechanisms which keep the watches running. Hublot is not making any other adjustments to the parts.

This shows that watchmakers are more concerned with the design than the function of their watch. This is the reason Hublot is a brand that is not well-liked.

Value for Money

If Hublot did not claim to be a premium brand, problems with movement and design wouldn’t be as severe.

When it comes to it the watch-lovers are looking for a high standard of quality. This includes sophisticated designs, custom-made movements, and exclusive components.  Hublot’s aesthetic appeal is crucial in attracting your attention among watch enthusiasts.

This approach isn’t terrible since watch enthusiasts want to find unique and exciting items. That means they’re looking for unique dials and movements that Hublot cannot deliver due to the absence of innovation in the designs. They are not a good option for collectors, even though their methods are distinctive.

While watches from Hublot like The Big Bang and Classic Fusion are exceptionally maintained, the price does not reflect the high-end of the movements. Certain Rolex watches are marketed as bargains due to their premium quality movements and components.

Why Do People Hate Hublot?

This YouTube video shows classic Fusion and Big Bang. Big Bang & Classic Fusion against watches that have comparable or better movement.

Brand Image

Many people hate Hublot because of its appearance quality, design and value for price. However, it all boils down to the image Hublot portrays.

Hublot watches are the choice of the modern wealthy, despite the resentment, it’s met with by many watch collectors.

Hublot’s reputation as loud and sexy is evident in watch collectors’ eyes through its many collaborative projects and exclusive editions. Hublot does not help with its loud designs or the company’s Art of Fusion ethos that incorporates gold and rubber.

Hublot’s efforts to connect with people from all walks of existence haven’t won them over as a company, but they have done so by focusing on design and function.

Hublot is often criticized for advertising itself as a watchmaker but most collectors see Hublot be a maker of fashionable watches.

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Conclusion About Why is Hublot Hated?

A complete review about Why Is Hublot Hated? Hublot’s reputation has turned into a brand that is a snub for watch collectors. The brand’s lack of originality and novelty designs, inability to control the quality of components, and cost are the main reasons why collectors don’t like the brand.

Hublot is trying to draw in customers however, they don’t build their history or reputation through high-end watchmaking. This is why watch enthusiasts aren’t fans of the brand.

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